How To Plan With Preeminence

marketing Jul 22, 2016

I had the (extremely) unique opportunity some years ago to share in a live discussion with who I believe to be the most brilliant marketing mind of our time, Mr. Jay Abraham. Following this discussion and his detailed answers to my academic questions, I went on to read everything I could, that he put to ink. Since then, there has been no looking back.

If I were asked what the one thing I took from all of my time and money invested in Abraham’s teaching, what would it be; I would immediately answer ‘the philosophy of pre-eminance’.

Pre-eminence is a massive topic, one beyond the scope of the article, but to summarize; it is the you want to be seen by everyone you deal with as the definitive expert source and the most trusted advisor within your area of expertise. You also want to be seen as someone who has taken on the role of responsibility of governance within your area of expertise and thus are recognized as the most trusted and credible source of counsel among all those who share the role of expertise within your discipline.

In other words, you are not another teacher – you are most credible authority among your prospective and existing student, as well as your competitors. As Abraham points out, you are the ‘trusted advisor.’

At the end of this article, I will point you to a great video lesson of Mr. Abraham’s so you can understand the pre-eminence better, but assuming you get it – let me share with you the first two steps you must take with it while in the planning stage of building your Online Studio.

In order for you to use your pre-eminent philosophy to grow your online studio, it begins in the planning stages.

When you fist take inventory of your online assets, resources, content (ie. video lessons, manuals, step by step files, etc.) you will also need to make a list of every Point of Contact. Simply, this is every possible contact point a prospective member to your studio can discover you through.

This list is going to be much larger than you first think.

You’ll not only want to consider your website and social media properties, but also forums you may have once contributed to, review sites you may be listed in, commerce sites you may be in such as or, possibly even other blogs that may have mentioned you or your site.

You want to catalog as much as you can. Once done, move that list to the side. We’ll get back to it in a moment.

The next element you need to build out is what I call the non measurable point of equity. This is the story that only you can tell that makes you stand out. It’s what separates you from the other instructors. Everyone has an NMPE, but very few of us use it at all.

Let me offer an example,

My student Pete wanted to buy a restaurant since he was a kid. He’s an incredibly gifted chef, with zero formal training, other than traveling the world by a shoestring and cooking everywhere he went with whoever he could.

At 25, he bought a Bistro with a family loan and a dream. He knew what he wanted and went for it. Within the first year, Pete became the youngest restaurant owner in the history of the New York Times to have received the type of positive review he received… Think about that.

You can’t put a price tag on that, nor can you really monetize that accomplishment, but it is something that nobody else can say that immediately supports his pre-eminence within his market.

Now – take a moment and think about your non measurable point of equity, the most important part of your story that separates you from the crowd. You most likely already know, but is it a built in part of your personal brand? Is it the mortar yet to your pre-eminence?

The final step to this is visiting each one of the points of contact and (within the best of your ability) make sure there is alignment in the message everywhere, that speaks about your NMPE and positions your role immediately as that definitive expert source, the trusted advisor among the crowd of other teachers with the halls of your art.

This might take some time, but it’s worth it. In short time, your message will be aligned throughout the web and support, with honest clarity, your role as the go to person – who will be sought after for knowledge and guidance.

Right now, chances are – the image of you may conflict from one platform to another. Possibly you have 40 5 star reviews on Google, but your blog hasn’t been updated in 16 months, you have two abandon facebook pages, and your twitter account has 2 followers. You see, that’s inconsistent and doesn’t do the job of supporting your message, teaching and who you are. Get aligned!

 I hope this article helped you. As promised, here is the link to Mr. Jay Abraham’s video on using the pre-emptive philosophy in every function of your teaching and business. I know his message will serve you as much as it has me. 


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