You Are The Search Master, 15 Techniques For Fast and Accurate Search Results

hacks Aug 17, 2018

I have compiled a list of best google tools to help you speed up your search experience. The goal is to for you to find what you need, with the most amount of search precision and time savings. Most people use simple search terms and don't even know that Google search has a deep suite of tools and tricks. 

Yes, that's right, Google search is a skill that is learned. And this article will help you get closer to finding exactly what you want and becoming a search 'expert'.

While there are hundreds (probably thousands!) of hacks and tricks to Google search, below are a list of the most used. While you are reading this article, take time to try each one out as you go through them. 

Let's get started.


Explicit Phrase

By simply wrapping your search query in quotes, your results will be filtered to specifically what you want.

Exercise: Create an explicit phrase now by entering "Chinese martial arts", wrapped in quotes - instead of ... Chinese martial...

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How To Use Your Smartphone To Make Pro Quality Video Lessons

hacks Jul 29, 2016

Too many people ask me about what cameras to get, what microphones, lighting options or hiring a pro …. My usual response is,

“Dude, just use your iphone.”

And there’s a moment of silence before the, “really?”

Unless you are building an extremely professional lesson stack, then my answer is simply – “yes.”

I have worked with one of the best videographers I can think of, and will continue to use his company for high-level work, but for day-to-day lessons, my iPhone rocks. This article will explain why, and also show you how you can begin building your Online Studio right now, with zero investment other than your phone bill.

Your smart phone is equipped with technology that couldn’t be matched only a few years ago, yet it’s now all in the palm of your hand.

This small, super intelligent device has some amazing video recording capability, so to get you started – there’s really no...

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