Episode 2: Mastery Must Be Earned

articles podcast Mar 02, 2020

I read a wonderful quote from an old Japanese sensei, I believe he was an aikido instructor.

'In the Japanese martial arts, anyone who calls himself a master, isn't.'

I love this quote. It says everything about what separates us from so much of the martial arts garbage out there.

Anybody who is creating stories, lying to their students just to fill some self serving need; it's garbage, it needs to stop. We (as teachers) need to be protectors of something that's honorable, that involves integrity and something that in many ways a treasure.

There's no more important belt in your dojo than the White Belt. There's no more important student than the Mukyu level.

To me, someone who earns their white belt has fulfilled a much larger goal in their life than any shodan or black belt.

Here's why; I want you to take a step back to when you first stepped into your martial arts classes. Can you remember when you first started, when you had never experienced martial...

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Episode 1. Welcome, Respect is Earned

articles podcast Feb 24, 2020

There is no script here, I'm not reading from any type of teleprompter. I am doing this entire project in my dojo, from my dojo and it is about my job. My dojo has been reasonably successful over the last 12 years. My measuring tool for success is based on the development of my students.

My school we has about 200 family members and many of my students travel to Japan yearly, spending time training. But this course is about you and how the functions of my Dojo, and the different systems that I've developed work.

Many people tell me that martial arts shouldn't be commercialized. People would tell me about their teacher, teaching out of their garage in exchange for breakfast on Sunday mornings. That's all they would accept for training, on and on and on.

I've seen so many people martyr themselves to the martial arts here in the United States. We have this enormous sort of stigma of 'if you don't bow when you walk in the door, then you to drop into, push-ups, on your knuckles, on...

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