How to use a hashtags in 2018, Garbage or Gold?

social media Apr 08, 2018

In 2007 a few things happened in the tech world that would shake the way nearly everyone would spend their time online.

First, the iPhone launched. Enough said.

Second, Facebook just opened their doors to the world of 13 years olds and beyond.

BluRay DVDs were all the rage

The first #HashTag was conceived.

Oh yeah, Incubus punched the massive music industry in the gut with their self released album for download and at a price their fans chose to pay.

You might be reflecting on how much things have changed in ten years.

Well, you can’t even go online with that first iPhone, it won’t work.

DVDs are filling the dusty corners of Good Will stores around the country.

I now listen to whatever band I want, whenever I want on Spotify for free, yet I spend way more money today on going to live gigs of bands I never would have heard of if left to the marketing devices of the major record labels. Thank you Incubus.

But what about those #hashtags?

Obviously they’re still...

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Facebook Friday. There is Only 1 King

social media Jul 08, 2015

No Queen, no Prince. Just a King.

These are the words in my notes from today's training. Literally.

So who is the king according to Facebook? Engagement.

In other words, posting a content piece on Facebook without an engagement goal strategy is stupid. Why stupid? Because it's a waste of time, which to you ... means money.

Let's face it, social media is a massive time vacuum if you think the world cares about your complaints, your cute kids doing funny things or how pretty the sunset is. What's worse, is this type of content - delivered to an audience with value-centered expectations - become offended from you not delivering what they expected! Thus, decreasing your engagement opportunity and being less friendly to Facebook's algorithm in terms of traction for the stuff that makes you money.

If you'll recall, in the previous article Correct Timing For Your Facebook Ads, I walked you through how to properly time your ad campaigns, but also added that organic engagement...

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Facebook Friday. Focus On Basics

social media May 26, 2015

One of the most important, (and repeated) terms I heard over and over from my Sensei in Japan was 'focus on basics'. Practice does not make perfect, especially in the world of marketing online, where the environments and technology change so rapidly. But if your basics, your foundational framework is solid - both in your skill set AND commitment to practice - then your ability to adapt to the evolving and ever changing space of the web will be much easier.

Too often we pigeon hole ourselves into practices that have less and less to do with the greatest possible outcome for our time invested. In facebook terms, when people I've worked with are running ads, they have never ventured off into discovering their analytics, monitoring their reports, split testing their ads, creating their look alike audience groups, building their interest lists from their campaign results and so much more.

Instead, they continue the same cycle of posting bullshit photos, boosting them with zero...

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Facebook Ads, Timing Is Everything

social media Apr 24, 2015

In this article, I'm going to share with you a few basic steps you can take to ensure that your Facebook content campaigns and boosts are getting maximum traction for your school. In other words, people are actually seeing your stuffliking what they see and clicking to see more.

If you read marketing blogs at all then you've heard the complaints about constant algorithm changes that Facebook makes. Ranging from people whining about not getting any traction with their advertisements to reports showing that audience groups were not converting as they should be.

 Actually, at the time of writing this article, Facebook hasn't changed their algorithm for a year and a half. The problem is that people continually put out crap content and think that because they are paying $5 they should be getting a few hundred clicks.

It doesn't work like that.

First, if your content isn't being getting any engagement, the algorithm won't give you much recognition. It's lacking...

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